Friday, March 25, 2011

WOW!!! There's LOTS of us here!!

Hola Y'all!!

WE WON THE SHELTER CHALLENGE!!! $1,000.00!!!! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED!! That's gonna help a LOT with all the furkids we have right now!!

We've got a full house!!! There's 30 of us furkids here! After Johnny and Rosemary came in and the little kitten who had to have her leg amputated we got four more thrown away puppies. :-(

They're really cute but they were in pretty bad shape when they got here. They're feelin' better now though and actin' like puppies!!

We've got a greyhound here too. Her dad was visiting in Costa Rica and had a heart attack!! He's in the hospital so Diane came here to stay til he's better.

We've still got the mama dachshund too. All the puppies got forever homes but Terez is still waitin' for hers. Storm and Maracita are still waiting too.

Bingo and Paco have got forever homes to go to!! YAAAAAYYYY!!!!!! They're going to the states!! And I can't remember if I told y'all about Lisa!! She got a forever home and she LOVES it!!! They call her Freckles!!

Mom had to go to court for Paco!! The spay/neuter group in Atenas sued the woman who tried to have him killed. Mom had to be there with all her records and photos of Paco before and after. The judge ordered the woman to pay for some of Pacos vet bills.
While her mother was in the court room Mom got to talk to the daughter who had rescued Paco from the school yard. Mom had made a pretty certificate to give her for being a heroine for animals. She wanted this girl to know she had done something good. Mom says that's important!! We always need to let young people know they are doing something good when they try to help animals.

We're babysitting for a few dogs too. Diane, (the greyhound) Sprockett, a beagle friend of ours and Pebbles, a feisty little Jack Russell terrier!!

Here's a link to a video we did the other day!!

We're all havin' fun but me and Mom are REALLY tired!!!

Thanks for voting for us in the shelter challenge!!


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