Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Wonderful Day At Lighthouse

Hola Y'all!!

Well things are beginning to settle down a little bit. All the dachshund mix puppies got adopted. The mama dog is still here though. People always want puppies!! Mom says that's crazy!! Puppies are a lot of trouble!!!
Rosemary and Johnny, the two tiny, terrier/chihuahua mix puppies are doing well and beginning to act more lively!! One is adopted and going to the states to live. Our Aunt Nancy is adopting her and another Aunt Nancy is taking her back to the states in the cabin with her. YAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!
You can see video of them meeting all of the Lighthouse Crew. And there's video of little Sophia too!!

Sophia, the tiny kitten who had to have her leg amputated, is doing GREAT!! She is getting to be out of her cage and spend this afternoon out in the screened room and run and play!! She sure is a cutie.

Mom says to please pray and send positive energy for all the humans and animal in Japan. She almost cries every time she reads the news about it.

Hope your life is as sweet as ours!! Us perros know how to stop worrying and relax!! We're trying to teach Mom and Dad how to do that too!!


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