Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Throw Away Kids Are Doing FINE!!!

Just click on the pics to make them bigger!!

Hola Y'all!!!!

Well, the throw away kids are all doing fine. Growing like weeds and being cute!!
Betty, Eddie, Tonya and Tyler, (the dachshund mix puppies) got to meet Storm today!! She LOVES puppies. She's one of the adults Mom rescued out of the flash flood with all the puppies.
And tiny little Rosemary and John (the chihuahua terrier mix puppies) are coming along nicely too!! They got to meet Bunny, Storm, Paco and some of the other Lighthouse kids. When they first get out in the morning they run like crazy, then conk out in one of the dog beds.
Rosemary and John each have pending adoptions with GREAT families!!!
Enjoy the pics and don't forget to vote for us every day until the 20th of March!!
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1 comment: said...

I love these pics. What energy those pups are showing.
Poor Bunnie just can't figure out what's going on under her can she! Thanks for making my day. Put a smile on my face for sure.