Saturday, April 9, 2011


Hola Y'all!!! We're in another shelter challenge and me and Mom had a great idea!! The "weekly" prize is the same amount as the 1st place prize for International shelters.
If we can win a weekly prize, then we could maybe get all our voters to vote for another international shelter and help THEM win a weekly prize or maybe the International prize!!
Mom says that way we'd be helping animals all over the world!!!!!

Starting tomorrow!! Sunday, April 10th, we are asking you to get everyone you know to vote for just 1 week for our shelter. We have to have TONS of votes to win a weekly prize. If we can win it then the next week we can all vote for ANOTHER shelter!! If we really work at it this can mean SO much for so many animals!!!
Ask your friends to ask THEIR friends. Ask your kids to ask all of THEIR friends. Ask your co-workers, bowling team, church group, sewing circle, grandkids, to ALL TELL ALL THEIR FRIENDS and we can DO THIS!!!!!!

Go to and click on the vertical tab on the right that says "Shelter Challenge."
The first time you vote you will have to type in "Lighthouse" for the shelter name and click on Costa Rica for the country. If it asks for a city, type in "Atenas." That should bring up our shelter name and you just click on "Vote." Then you will see some letters and you have to type those in to confirm your vote.
After your first vote our name should come up automatically at the bottom of that box and you just click vote and confirm your vote.
WHOOO HOOO!!! This could be GREAT!!!!!

The little three legged kitten, Sophia, is doing GREAT and all the thrown away puppies will get spayed/neutered Tuesday!! Moms dog bite is healing up and she's gonna have a nice scar to show for it!!! Tailwags!!! BudBud

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