Monday, May 31, 2010

News from Lighthouse 5/31/10

Hola Y'all!!!!

Things are goin' pretty good here. Princess Joy is not coughing as much and seems to feel better. Thank you to EVERYONE who prayed for her and sent healing thoughts!!

Mom and Dad almost had a wreck last night!!
They were on their way home from town and there was a bus stopped, in the oncoming lane, letting passengers out.

It was really dark but Mom caught just a glimmer of "something" in her lane so she started slowing down. Then the bus driver started flashing his lights REAL FAST to warn her about something!!!

About that time Mom saw what the glimmer was. A black horse coming down the road in her lane!!!!
She got the car stopped, turned the emergency flashers on, and jumped out of the car to try to catch the horse.

The bus had moved on so now there were cars coming down the road at full speed!!! Mom started waving her arms like crazy and jumped over into that lane to make the people stop.
She had shooed the horse over onto the shoulder but she was afraid he might spook and run back out into traffic.

Mom got ALL the traffic stopped and then a man from the other side of the road jumped over the low wall and came toward her. Mom asked, "Es su caballo?" (Is this your horse?)
and he said "Si SeƱora" (yes) and ran to shoo the horse into a gate that was standing open.

Mom still had both lanes stopped and people were blowing their horns and being ugly but Mom stood her ground. She was NOT gonna let any traffic through until she knew the horse was safe.
Mom's kinda stubborn when it comes to stuff like that y'know.

The owner of the horse got the gate closed and started thanking Mom.
Mom says God put her in that exact spot at that exact time. Somebody else might not have stopped and the horse could have been hurt. YAYYYYYY GOD!!!!

It's rainy season now and we're gettin' a LOT of rain. Usually it is later in the season when the BIG rains come but Mom says there was a tropical storm somewhere nearby and that was where all our early rain came from.

The rains are causing problems with the new highway. People from Spain built the highway and they left really high banks that should have been terraced. The rain is causing the banks to collapse and making landslides come onto the highway.

When the Costa Rica government asked the spanish people to cut the banks down the spanish people said no. They said it was NORMAL for the banks to "slide a little." A big boulder came down the other night and hit a couple on a motorcycle. The girl was hurt really bad and the National Cruz Roja ambulance got there right away and loaded her up.

THEN, the authorities from the spanish "owners" of the highway told them they could not take her to the hospital because it was THEIR highway and THEY had their OWN ambulance.

They had to wait for the other ambulance and then transfer her from one to the other in a heavy rain. The girl died.
Humans aren't really very smart if you ask me. Mom says our new lady president ought to tell those spanish people to hit the road.

Anyway, that's all for now. I gotta go check on Mom and see if she's finished baking the treats!! She makes treats for us perros out of leftovers!! Aunt Karen showed her how to do it!!
They're GOOD and CRUNCHY too so it helps keep our teeth clean!!!

You guys have a good Monday and don't forget to vote at the



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