Thursday, June 10, 2010

News from the lighthouse 6/10/10

Hola Y'all!!

I'm gettin' a little concerned about Mom!! Last night she put a NET over the BED!!!! Dad helped her hang it from the ceiling!! I don't have a clue what the thing is for.

But that's not the worse part!! For three nights before that she kept us all awake BEATING HERSELF UP!!

We'd all be just sleepin' real sound and all of a sudden WHACK!!!!!!! Mom would slap herself on the side of the head and say a dirty word. Then, once we all fell back asleep...WHACK!!! She'd do it again!! It went on all night!!!! A few times she just smacked herself, said a dirty word and then got up and worked at the computer for a while!!

It was AWFUL!!! None of us got any sleep. FOR THREE NIGHTS!!!
Well last night she and Dad hung this net thingy over the bed and we all slept under it!! I'm telling you it was weird!!!! But at least Mom didn't smack herself in the side of the head all night long.

I did hear Mom say something about ^%)!$%$#&* mosquitos, but I don't have a clue what that is.

We got a new kid into the shelter. Her name is Bella and she w
as dumped on the street like most of our other rescue kids. She's a sweetie. We've gotta get her "fixed" and then we can try to find a home for her. Mom says she is a german shepard mix.

You guys remember Cookie and Candy right? The two german shepard pups who were dumped on the road a while back? Well below is a before and after photo of them!! MAN!!!!! Those are some BIG DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! Their new dad spoils 'em rotten and they are VERY happy dogs!!! I'm glad Mom found a home for them cause they'd eat up ALL the food!!!

My 2 legged human sister might be comin' to see us in August!! WHOOO HOOO!!!! Joray is lots of fun!! Aunt Pat may be comin' too!!! We'd LOVE that!!!!!

OH!! Mom got somethin' called Skype on her computer!! Now we can talk to people in the states and it don't cost any money as long as they have Skype too!!

We get to talk to Joray and my uncle Lance!! We get to talk to Aunt Pat in Savannah and I get to see my girlfriend!! That's the best part!! We can actually SEE each other on the computer while we're talkin'!!!

Mom says they used to have things like that in the space movies when she was a kid!!

If you've got skype on your computer look us up!! Just search for Frances "Kitten" Jones.

I gotta go. Mom's gettin' tired of typin' for me and it's gettin' close to suppertime. I'll catch you guys later.
Thanks for all the votin' you're doin' in the shelter challenge!!
Please keep votin' every day!!!

Tailwags and snuggles!!!


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