Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

BudBud and Princess Joy Fuz and Rudy

Hola Y'all!!!

Our Princess Joy is still coughing. She got her blood work done today but we won't know the results until tomorrow. She has been diagnosed with Chronic Valvular Heart Disease.
The vet says the enlarged heart is putting pressure on the trachea and that is what is making her cough. We're hoping that, once they have the results from the blood tests, they can prescribe something to help her.

Thanks to all of you who are saying prayers and sending healing thoughts for her. Please keep it up.

We're doing great in the shelter challenge too!! We are in second place internationally and that means we could win another 1,000.00!! That sure would help with the vet bills. Mom says the last two grants have helped SO much with helping the animals and paying off some of the vet bills. Thank you all SO much!!!!

We are actually in 24th place in the OVERALL standings!!!! We have REALLY got some GREAT friends out there!!! Mom says that's AMAZING!!!!!! She says if we could get up into the top three overall we could win a HUGE grant!!! For the number one shelter with the most votes there is a 10,000.00 grant!!! For second place overall the prize is 7,000.00!!!! For third place the prize is 5,000.00!!!! Wouldn't that be something???????

If you guys know of any way to get your friends, co-workers, relatives, school groups, and others to start voting every day we might just actually WIN ONE OF THOSE BIG PRIZES!!!
That would be like WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go to and click on shelter challenge. Then type in lighthouse for the shelter name and click on Costa Rica for the country. Search, and when our name comes up VOTE FOR US!!!! We sure would appreciate it!!!

Our really great volunteers, Rudy and Fuz, are leaving tomorrow for California. Their time is done here. Mom is really sad about that. But they have promised to come back in January or February!!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!! Mom says they are part of the family now!! We all love them to pieces!!!!!

OH!!! And look at what a friend sent me!! DOGGLES for when I ride my ATV!!! Do I look sharp in these or what!!!!
Y'all keep saying some prayers and sending healing thoughts for our Princess Joy ok? She is such a sweet kid and this illness is really wearing her out.

Tailwags to EVERYONE and THANKS for all the votes!!!


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