Saturday, May 22, 2010

We've got GREAT volunteers!!!!

YAAAAAYY!!!!!!! We finally got things straightened out with Paypal and we've got our donate button back up!! WHOOOO HOOOO!!!! Things have been a little crazy lately so Mom's tired.

We've got two SUPER DUPER volunteers here!!! Rudy was here a few months back and he liked us perros so much he came back down and brought a friend!!!
"Fuz" is an actor and they're both from Hollywood California. Mom says their both "HOT" but they look pretty cool to me!! They don't sweat a lot or nuthin'.

Rudy!!! Fuz!!!!

We all got baths the other day. Rudy and Fuz are pretty good washer people. And us long haired perros all got blow dried.

We're doin' pretty good in the shelter challenge this time!! We have moved into second place and stand to win another $1,000.00 grant!! Our vet bills are now back "under control" and Mom says if we win this grant we can pay them off!!! She gets really excited about payin' things off so I guess it's a good thing.
So y'all be sure to vote every day ok?

Just go to and click on shelter challenge. Then type in Lighthouse for the shelter name and click on Costa Rica for the country. Search, and when our name comes up vote for us and wait for the vote confirmation question. It's easy and free!!! All it takes is a few minutes of your time each day til August 22nd!!!

Tailwags and snuggles til next time!!!!

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