Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet Denny!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Meet Denny!!!

Five days ago a new furkid came to Lighthouse. He is a tiny little guy, (about 10-12 weeks old) and he is in pretty bad shape.

He was found on the streets by our friend, Dennis Easters, and brought here.

This poor little 3 pound baby was MASSIVELY infested with ticks and fleas. We pulled over 500 ticks off of him and the fleas were so numerous there was no way to count or even guess how many. I am going to say there were over two thousand.
His tail is broken in two places, he has postules all over his little body which are now opening and draining, and of course he has skin issues.

These are pics of the first day he arrived. 

We cleaned off all the ticks we could find but were still finding more for four days after. We gave him a Capstar to rid him of the fleas.

He got a nice warm bath and we cleaned all the tick dirt out of his ears. 

His eyes were goopy so we know he has some infections working in his little body.

He was pretty weak but he ate really well when we offered him food. 

Here are some photos after his de-ticking, de-fleaing, bath, lots of loving and a good dinner.

He is improving day by day and gaining strength. He has not gained any weight yet but hopefully will start once his de-worming is completed. 

He is very anemic, (how could he not be when he was being DRAINED by so many blood sucking parasites?) so he is getting liver three times a day, along with his puppy food, to boost him.
He is also getting vitamins and coconut oil. 

The pic below was taken on his 4th day here. You can see how tiny he is.

Here is a video of his 4th day with us. He got to meet Joe, our grandson.

We'll be posting updates so you can see how he is doing.

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