Monday, February 9, 2015

Update on Denny

You folks remember Denny. (blog post before this one) 
The little three pound street pup with over 500 ticks and thousands of fleas. He came into Lighthouse on Jan 25th. That was 16 days ago.

Here are his reports since then.

Jan 30th. Day 6
Denny is doing well. Still way too skinny but feeling much better!! His eyes are clear now with no "goop." He is a happy, tailwagging little guy. He was given his final dose of de-wormer today so his system should begin to catch up with itself.
Hopefully his skin problems will start clearing up now and he'll start gaining weight. He has only gained a quarter of a pound in the 5 days he has been here.

Denny February 1st. Day 8

February 3rd, Day 10
Update on Denny. Denny is doing GREAT!!! His skin still looks awful but he is SOOOOO happy and jumping around like a puppy should!!! He's gained a half pound and on a furkid this tiny that is quite a bit. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow!
Thanks for all the prayers. Please keep them going. We still have to have him tested for ehrlichiosis. I just want him to be a little less anemic before we draw blood.

February 4th, Day 11:
Denny Day Ten!! Here are some pics I took just a few minutes ago. Before and after his medicated bath. The pustules are all rupturing and draining and that's a good thing. It leaves sores but they are healing quickly and some of them are already beginning to grow fur. You'll see the scabs on his face in one pic and then bare skin in another (after his bath.) The fur comes off with the scabs. He is FULL of energy and has gained enough weight so I can't see his ribs anymore. I'm uploading a video so you can see him in action. He is one happy little guy. He got to meet Poas, the Doberman, through the fence today!!

February 6th, Day 13
Denny didn't fare so well with his vet visit today. 
He was doing great this morning. Playing, barking, happy. Ate really good. He was fine all day but when I went out at 2:45 to take him to the vet for his ehrlichia test his belly was extremely bloated. 
He was still running, happy, wagging, barking and playing so I got him in his crate and went to the vet office. Joray, my daughter, met me there and we petted him while we waited. 

He seemed fine except for the bloated belly. (He did pass a lot of gas on the way in the car.) When we got in to see the vet and I took hold of him to take him out of the crate he felt very hot. (He was not hot 10 minutes before.) 

The vet tech took his temp and it was 40 degrees. (104 fahrenheit) The bloated belly and the spiked temp came on suddenly. They rushed him to the back and bathed him with cool water. Once the temp was down they started trying to figure out what was causing the bloating. 

The vet tried acupuncture to relieve the gas. Didn't work. She then recommended an ultrasound. It showed nothing. 

I suggested we take him out to the back and let him move around some. Once outside he seemed happy and playful. We ended up giving him some pediatric anti-flatulence med. 

We then did his blood test for the ehrlichia but his immune system is still so messed up it was really not possible to get a "for sure result." 

He is now getting a new med to build up his immune system, anti-flatulence medicine, liver twice a day for the anemia along with his puppy food. 

Vet gave me two loaded syringes with med for his gas problem. One for tomorrow and one for Sunday. 

Please keep the prayers going up. Here are some pics Joray took of his little belly at the vets office today. He is in his crate now and seems comfortable.

February 8th, Day 15
He is doing fine. No fever. Only gets a "poochy belly" when he eats and then back to normal when he poops. He is full of life and loves to play and be petted. Eating good, drinking water, etc. His skin is healing now that all the pustules have ruptured. 

February 9th, Day 16
Here's a video I just did of Denny. He is playful, happy, and is eating well. I have cut down on the size of his meals and feed him several meals a day. 
He is getting his meds and they seem to be helping him. 

I'll keep trying to update as much as possible. Please keep saying prayers for Denny.


B Silver said...

He's the cutest lil fella ever!!!! Thank you!!!!

B Silver said...

You know what? Even with all those nasty, filthy, vile, gross disgusting little THINgS sucking his sweet little earholes, the tender rims of his eyes, and lord knows where else--He's STILL so damn cute I could gobble him up!