Monday, January 19, 2015

Catching up!!!

Hello Everyone!!!!

Yes, it's been a while since we posted an entry on our blog. 
We've been re-organizing and getting our house/shelter in order. 

So I'll just try to update on all that has been going on and post some pics!!

We still have the beautiful, moonlit nights reflecting off the Pacific and the Gulf of Nicoya. 

Some of you will remember dear, sweet Bess, 
who came here very pregnant and died after her C-section due to vet error. Here are a few pics of her precious puppies. We raised them all on bottles with the help of very nice friends who volunteered. They are in happy, loving homes now.

And our last blog post told about Kaylee, the photographer who came to take photos of the furkids. We still have not received them all but here is one she sent me right away of Milana, Mieko and Delilah. Great shot isn't it??

Our two legged kids are living here with us now (the reason for reorganizing and getting house in order) and of course they brought their four legged kids.

Here is our daughters cat, "Pebbles."

The toucans still come to visit and hang out in our trees.

We participated in the Ice Bucket Challenge. Here's a shot of our daughter, Joray, getting doused!!

Joe, our grandson, is growing up. He's a real lil' stinker.

His one year birthday

A friend donated a GREAT cat tower!!

And you folks remember little mercy. The little one who was so near death when I got her. 

SHE'S DOING GREAT!!!!!!! Just LOOK at her!!!!

And Dolly, the lamb who was blind, is now in a wonderful home!!! A huge farm where she has playmates and loving people to take care of her. 

She was smaller than our cats when she arrived here.
She grew up healthy and strong and we cured her blindness with drops of Mariola honey in her eyes each morning and evening.

While she was still here she wrecked the car by knocking the motorcycle over on it.

Sometimes we save up enough money to have the groomer come and groom the furkids.




And of course there's always treat time....

And thunder storms are always a little scary.

And our Christmas card for this year.

Then we got Chloe back. Chloe was adopted from Lighthouse 9 years ago after her original owners abandoned her here and moved back to the US. 

Her adopters have now decided to go back to the US and cannot take her with them. She's SUCH a sweetie and is anywhere from at least 12 to possibly 20 years old. She has some problems but she will live out her life here with us as a much loved member of the Lighthouse family. 

Our back yard, the doggie playground, is looking pretty with the Bouganvilla blooming. 

Found some great buys in doggie clothing and costumes at the Ropa American store. (Goodwill store) 

It's been busy but that's just what it's like here at Lighthouse. We hope everyones' Christmas and New Year was wonderful.

We'll post again ...soon...we hope!!


B Silver said...

Wow you have a beautiful family. May I ask how it came about that you moved to CR? Btw what sort of people abandon their dog bc they're moving (back to the Stafes in this case). Really.

Mr BudBud said...

Hi B Silver.
Thanks for the compliment on my family. We are a happy group. LOL!!

We moved to Costa Rica because we were not happy with the direction the US was taking. We love it here.

What kind of people desert their dogs?? Scum of the earth. Worthless wastes of human tissue.

Glad you like our blog!! Stay in touch!! My email address is