Tuesday, July 5, 2011




WE WON THE LAST SHELTER CHALLENGE!! It was a miracle!! We were in 2nd place the whole time but the 1st place shelter won a weekly vote and that
disqualified them from winning the 1st place prize!! Both awards are $1,000.00 so they did alright too!!! YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

BINGO GOT ADOPTED!!! He's gone to live in the US and will be neighbors with Paco!!! They'll get to see each other now and then!! Is that great or what!!!

We've had some fantastic volunteers last month and they're coming back again tomorrow!! We'll all get baths!! And Bingos new mom and dad, Jessica and Evan, are both vet techs in the states and they did all kinds of stuff to us while they were here!!! Cleaned our ears real good, cleaned our anal glands, trimmed our toenails, and helped Mom with doctoring the cat who has the neck injury. It's been a great June!!

We're posting some photos of the new kid that came in yesterday. Mom named her Honey. She was thrown out of a car window. The man tossed her out and drove away. She ran back out to the middle of the street and watched as he drove away leaving her behind. A really nice woman saw it happen and stopped. She got Honey and brought her to her vet. The vet called Mom and Mom brought Honey home.
Honey had been starved for quite some time. She is doing really good though since she is getting good food, clean water and lovin' from Mom and Dad. She's a real sweetheart and loves everybody. We think she might have had puppies recently and since she has no milk we are guessing they probably didn't survive.

Another shelter challenge has started so please vote for us!! The grants we have won have helped to keep our shelter doors open!!
Just go to www.animalrescuesite.com and click on the "shelter challenge" tab. Choose Costa Rica for the country and that should bring up our name. Click "vote" and then type in the letters and numbers that appear to confirm your vote.

If you want to be added to our daily reminder list just send us an email!! We'll be happy to add you!!

Tailwags til next time!!!

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