Monday, July 25, 2011

Tito the cat

Mom is really upset today. Tito got one of his foot bandages off last night and tore his neck open again. It's a holiday here so all the vets are closed.

He came into the shelter with a horrible neck injury from something that had embedded itself into his neck. Mom has photos but they're pretty gross.

We doctored him for about a month and he was healing real nice. Then the vet told us to stop the honey bandages we were using and let the wound form a scab. To allow the neck to get some air we had to leave the bandage off.

Tito started scratching at his neck and ripped open the wound. We had to do the honey bandages again for a couple of days and then Mom put bandages on his back paws so he could not scratch at his neck.

That worked for a couple of days and then he happened to get one of the foot bandages off and did it again.

Mom says she just doesn't know what else to do. She's tried everything and he still manages to mess it up again. He's been here over a month and we've used up LOYS of medical supplies on him. When he does this it just breaks Mom and Dads hearts. They want him to heal.
Not to mention he's breaking our shelter account.

Y'all say some prayers and send healing thoughts for him ok?


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