Monday, July 25, 2011

Just a quick update

Our volunteers were here yesterday and worked with Storm and Honey on their manners!!! They're both learning real quick and the volunteers are doing GREAT jobs!!

Me and Mom and Dad went to the big store yesterday to buy beer and wine for tonights spaghetti dinner at Aunt Kays!! If you live in Costa Rica be sure to be there!! It starts at 5:00 and Mom and Dad will be selling the beer and wine to raise money for the shelter.

Tito, the neck injury cat, is doing good. He got checked by the vet on Thursday and she is very happy with the way he is healing. He finally kicked off his "boots" last night and so far he is not scratching at his neck. Mom is letting him run loose in the clinic all the time now cause he's been cooped up for so long.

Milana, the four and a half pound pom filed a complaint with Mom yesterday. Don't miss the video!!

Gotta go!! Our volunteers are coming again today. You guys are SOOO super!!!! Please keep voting and forwarding/sharing these reminders.


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