Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Thanks for all the votes!!!!

WHOOOO HOOOO!!! You're keeping us in 1ST PLACE!! If we can stay in that spot til March 21st we'll win!!! THANK YOU!!!! Don't forget to vote again today please!!

Go to Click on the vertical tab on the right that says "Shelter Challenge." Type in "lighthouse" for shelter name. Click on Costa Rica for country. Click search. When our name comes up vote for us and wait for the vote confirmation question.

Paco is feeling MUCH better!! The first day after his surgery he felt pretty bad. We were worried about him. But yesterday he was back to his old, crazy self and was bashing into us with his lampshade. Mom calls it is "hood ornament."

Our guests have gone back home but they might have found a house here that they like so maybe they'll be back soon!! We sure did enjoy their visit!!

Thanks again for all the votes!! Mom's watching the ratings pretty close this time and we are dropping a little each day in percentage. We've gone from 30.3% to 25.43%. The one who is gaining the most is the Bahamas shelter. They've come from 4.86% of the vote to 10.15%. So we gotta keep voting and hoping and praying!!


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