Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lisa Found Her FOREVER Home!!!

WE'RE CELEBRATING!!!! Our Lisa found her forever home yesterday!!!!
Some of you will remember Lisa. She was dumped on the road one week before she was to have her puppies. She had four pups and ended up being the wet-nurse for four more litters of orphaned pups!! We called her SUPERMOM!!!
All the pups got adopted but Lisa was an adult and you know how it is...everybody wants puppies. :-(
Well the PERFECT person came to see her yesterday and Lisa went home with them.
Mom called last night and Lisas' new mom says she is doing GREAT!! She even has a little Shihtzu brother to play with!!!!
We miss her but we are all SOOOOO happy for her!! Now she can get her well deserved share of the lovin'!!!!

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