Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paco got his "big boy" surgery!!!

POOR PACO!!! He got his "big boy" surgery yesterday and he's not feeling too spry today!! He can't figure out why he has to wear a lampshade on his head!!! But now he's ready to look for that loving home of his own!!!
Me and Mom are watching him pretty close to make sure he doesn't rip out any stitches or anything.

We're competing again in the shelter challenge so you folks be sure to vote for us okay? Just go to Click on the vertical tab on the right that says "Shelter Challenge." Type in "lighthouse" for shelter name. Click on Costa Rica for country. Click search. When our name comes up vote for us and wait for the confirmation question.

All is well here at Lighthouse for right now. The sun is shinin', there's a nice breeze, and we have some GREAT new friends in our guest room!!
By the way!!! We are renting out our guest room to vacationing animal lovers!! If you're coming to Costa Rica we'd love to have you stay with us!!! You can read about our place at


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