Thursday, January 13, 2011

We need your votes!!!!

A new shelter challenge has started!!
The vote site has been REALLY messed up and we were losing TONS of votes but now!!!!!!
WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!! Doin' the HAPPY DANCE!!!!! It looks like they finally got the site workin'!! At least now we show up in the international category!! We're in 1ST place!!!!!!!! Lots of people have posted us today to tell us they were FINALLY able to cast a vote!!! WHEW!!!!! If you still have problems voting PLEASE let us know!! Be sure to read this whole post please!!!

Go to Click on the vertical tab on the right that says "Shelter Challenge." Type in "lighthouse" for shelter name. Click on Costa Rica for country. Click search. When our name comes up vote for us and wait for the vote confirmation question. You will be asked to identify the animal in the photo.

There is NO PRIZE for 2nd place in the international category this time so we will have to stay in 1st place to win the thousand dollars.

We showed up in 2nd place international last night so you folks must be doing some HEAVY VOTING!!! THANKS!!! We even LOST a lot of votes over the past three days due to their system being messed up!!

In the overall category we were #49 yesterday. Today we are #26!!!! WOW!!!! We could actually win the grand prize if this momentum keeps up!!! So ask all your friends to vote too please!! Just forward this reminder to them!!

If we could get a weekly prize (most votes for the week) we could win a thousand dollar prize for that!!

OR!!!! If some of you can write stories and enter the "New Beginnings Story Contest" and designate us as your chosen shelter
we could win $3,000.00!!!!!

OR!!!! If we get LOTS AND LOTS and LOTS of votes we could win the GRAND PRIZE of $5,000.00!!!
Just think how many animals we could help with that!!!

So there's lots of ways to win if we just put our minds to it!! And our clicking fingers/paws!!!

Thanks again to all of you who have been voting and those of you who have been trying to vote!! You should be able to vote with no problem now!!!

Remember, if you want to be added to our daily reminder list just let us know!!!
One email a day, with a captioned photo of a Lighthouse kid is all you will get. We don't do spam or anything like that.


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