Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We need you to vote AGAIN!!!!

Hola Y'all!!

Thank you thank you thank you to EVERYONE who voted in the last shelter challenge!! We got the money today!!!

There is a new shelter challenge underway and we are getting a late start!! PLEASE go vote for us and get all your friends and relatives...heck....get your enemies to vote too!!! This one lasts through April 18th!!!! Yes, it's a long time but you are helping animals every day!!!
If you will go to the following web site: you will see a purple block in the upper right that says "click here."
When you do that it provides 6/10 of a bowl of dog food to the shelters that animalrescuesite supports.
Once you do that, click on the purple tab that says "shelter challenge."
Type in lighthouse for the shelter name and Costa Rica for the country. Look for our name and vote!!
Then they'll show you a picture of an animal to confirm your vote.

After your first time, it gets easy. When you go back to the animalrescuesite it should automatically bring up who you voted for the day before and you just click to vote again and then confirm your vote!!

Me and Mom will try to send out reminders every day so it helps you remember.

Thanks to EVERYONE who votes!!!!


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