Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dad and the Christmas tree

Hola Y'all!!

Christmas and New Year have passed so me and Mom have a few minutes now to sit down and write to y'all.

All us perros got lots of stuffed toys to tear up and sleep with!! I think maybe y'all saw the video!! It was a real FLURRY of doggies under that tree I can tell ya.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you a funny story about what happened to Dad. Ya just gotta picture this ok?

Before Christmas, the day after Mom and Dad put the Christmas tree up, dad decided that the window behind the tree needed to be cleaned. It had some smears on it.
So while Mom and me were still sleeping he tried to move the tree out of his way so he could clean.

Everything was goin' fine until the tree stand folded up!!

Down came the tree on top of Dad with Dad trying to hold it and keep all the decorations from gettin' broke. Lots of the balls did fly off and the star on top went sailing across the room.

There he lay, under the tree, with nobody to help him out from under.

He put one leg out, to try to get a foothold and try to get up but in doing so he puts his foot through the garland that is wrapped around the tree.
So there he was, trying to move the tree off the top of him while it was tied to him by the garland.

He tells us he struggled for quite some time trying to extricate himself from all the greenery, broken glass, garland and tinsel. Every time he put a hand out to try to raise himself up he ended up tied even tighter to the tree.

He told Mom about it when she and I got up. Mom looked at him and said, "MAN!!!!! I wish I had that on VIDEO!!!!!"

Anyway, Dad was not injured and neither was the tree. Only a few glass balls died in the accident.

Just thought that might give you a laugh.

More later!!!
Lots to tell.


Louise said...

ROFLMAO!!! Yes, BudBud, I can picture that. And I'm with Mom, dangit why didn't she catch that on video. LOLOLOLOL Glad that Dad is okay and only a few ornaments sacrificed themselves in the line of duty. Hugs across the miles, Aunt Louise & Uncle Ray

Debra said...

This might not be the appropriate place but just looking at the slideshow, I can see that your rescue absolutely deserves winning the money from the contest. I just wish it was 100 times it, you could use every penny and the money could not possibly go to a better place. The "before" and "after" pics say it all.

Gerri said...

Yup, we're with your Mom, BudBud! That definitely was a Kodak moment! ROFL!!!!!!

Vay said...

That would have been some video! He ought to do a replay of it. But the description was pretty good. I can see it in my minds eye.
Happy new year! Vay