Monday, January 4, 2010

Gotta tell you about what Laika did

Hola Y'all!!!

I just gotta tell you about what Laika did!!

Sassy and Mieko are here with us now. They LOVE runnin' and playin' in the big yard!! Mieko is bigger and tries to boss Sassy around but Sassy can hold her own!!

One day Mom was callin' everybody in from the yard and Mieko didn't want to come in yet. Sassy started runnin' up the steps to Mom and Mieko would catch her and grab her tail and pull her back down the hill.
Mom kept callin' and Sassy kept tryin' to come to her but Mieko had different ideas.

Laika, our BIG german shephard mix was standin' on the porch, next to Mom, watchin' all this happen.
Laika is a total sweetie and has NEVER offered to correct any of the other perros since I told her I am the boss. She just lays back and lets me do my job.
Well this day I was inside the house so I couldn't take care of the situation.

Laika looked around for me and saw I was not there. So she decided she needed to help Mom out after Mom had called about ten times and Mieko was still pullin' Sassy back down the hill. Laika all of a sudden LEAPS off the porch, runs toward the two of them and HEAD BUTTED Mieko!!

She never growled, she didn't bite or even show her teeth!! Just head butted Mieko off of Sassy giving Sassy time to make it up the hill to Mom!!
Then Laika comes back to the porch with a big smile on her face!! She now considers herself my "Backup."
Mieko came up then too. Guess she figured enough was enough!!

Lisa, the SUPERMOM who raised all the litters that came in, has finally run out of puppies and has been spayed!! Now she has decided that she needs a job.
There is a black and white cat that comes into our yard and attacks our cats. So Lisa has decided she is the "CAT GUARDIAN." She likes to sleep in the garage in one of the 6 comfy beds. Sometimes she shares a bed with one of the cats, sometimes she jumps up on the bed on the garbage can and sleeps there so she can see the whole yard!
In the daytime she is in the house with us and she loves to play with the younger kids who have not been adopted yet.

Hope you guys had a GREAT holiday!! All us perros and gatos had a pretty neato time!!!

BudBud the Perro Primero with BIG backup!!

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Kodak the Eskie said...

What a great boy Laika is to help out his Mom like that!!