Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Hola Y'all!!!

Mom and Dad put colored lights up on the house!!!! And there's a TREE in the screened room with all kinds of decorations on it!!!

Mom and Aunt Jane went to Grecia a couple of weeks ago and Mom came back with a BIG BLACK BAG!!!!! Y'know what that means??? It means she's been to see SANTA CLAUSE!! I'm one of Santa's favorite perros y'know!! I even got to sit on his lap a few years ago!!

Y'see, Santa lives in Grecia in the ropa americano store!!! That's a store that sells used clothes and stuffed toys from the US!! Goodwill sells them to Costa Rica by the pound!!

When Christmas comes around Santa goes there and stays until Mom comes and gets LOTS of toys for us perros!!!!!!! All kinds of stuffed toys that we can play with and tear up and sleep with.

Mom says it gets kinda crowded in our bed at Christmas time cause we all want to take our OWN toy to bed with us. Since there's between 7 and 10 dogs in my bed, AND Mom, all the stuffed toys kinda make it like a big pile of real fur and fake fur!!!!! 'Cept for Mom of course. She ain't really furry 'cept for on her head.

Anyway, the toys are hidden somewhere in the house and Mom and Dad will probably put them under the tree pretty soon!! They'll put treats under there too cause we can always smell 'em!!!

Y'all keep voting ok? There's only FOUR DAYS LEFT til the voting ends!!!!!


Man!!! I sure hope I get a toy with a squeaker in it!!!

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