Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From One Rescuer To Another


We know, you and I, about these things
Things that cause us grief
We have witnessed the cruelty, torture, and abuse
Where even death would be a relief

We are of two bodies, but we share a place
In our hearts for all to see.
For we are two who truly care
And we do our best you and me.

We talk to others but they won’t hear
Their hearts are not willing to learn
They turn away and hide their eyes
“That upsets me.” “That makes my stomach turn.”

If only they’d listen. If only they’d see
Then they’d help fight the abuse
And the things that torture you and me
The torture and neglect. There’s no excuse

For the cruelty is real. It won’t go away
Til many stand up to fight
And animals will die needlessly every day
If there’s no one to defend their rights

So we’ll keep doing whatever we can
To open the eyes of a few
Who don’t turn their heads and hide their eyes
From the things so important to me and you

And maybe someday, if we continue to work,
The rest will finally see
And stand with us in the battle we fight
To end animal cruelty

By: Frances “Kitten” Jones

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