Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July 24, 2012

We've got a new dog coming tomorrow to see if she gets along with us Lighthouse kids. 
Millie is the one who lost a leg and got a damaged lung when she got caught in an electric gate as a puppy. 
We might just let her live here until we can find her a home...if we can find a home. Most special needs furkids have a hard time finding a home. That's pretty sad cause, even though they may not be whole, they've still got tons of love to give. We'll send pics.

Little Clem has made himself right at home. He loves to snuggle and if all the humans are busy he just finds one of us other furkids to snuggle with.

We just finished breakfast and our meds. That's the first thing Mom does when she gets up. Even before coffee!!!

LOOK AT WHAT WE FOUND ON OUR PORCH!! It's a glass winged butterfly. Their wings are so clear you can read through them!! Neat huh??? We've sure got some NEAT bugs in Costa Rica!!

The other night Mom noticed a strange light in the western sky. The moon was still to our east and the sun had gone down long ago. There was this funny light in the clouds. There was nothing shining UP on them so the light was coming from above the clouds. 
It stayed in one spot for a long time so it wasn't a planes light shining through. It got bigger and then disappeared. Weird huh?

You guys have a great Tuesday and please don't forget to vote!!


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