Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hola Y'all!!!
Mom had to go get a worker today to build some supports for our cactus thingys that grow fruit!! The original supports had started to break down and the cactus get on the ground. They attach themselves into the soil and sometimes you can't see them under the grass. If you step on them barefoot they REALLY HURT!!! Plus they don't grow fruit unless they are growing up on something.

We're still looking for a home for little Llutu 
and now for Millie too!! Millie is the dog that lost a leg and got a lung injured as a puppy when she got caught in an electric gate. She's a beauty!! The people who rescued her have a very tiny yard and, although they love her dearly, they feel she needs more room. 
We thought she already had an adopter but the people live in a really hot, humid area and they are afraid it would be too much for her with her damaged lung. When they met her they really liked her and wanted to adopt but the are afraid of losing her to the heat and humidity. 
If you live in a cooler area this girl would make a WONDERFUL best friend for you!!
She's coming up Wednesday to see if she gets along with us other furkids. We'll send some more pics!!

Here's a news video EVERYBODY needs to see. This man was trying to fly on United Airlines and two of their employees KICKED HIS SERVICE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom is REAL mad about this and she wants EVERYBODY to know what they did. 
Be sure to tell all your friends about it too!!!! We'd love to see United Airlines go broke because of this!!
Just watch his video!!!


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