Friday, April 23, 2010

Soldier is Gone

It breaks my heart to have to say that Soldier is gone. He was euthenized this morning. His infection had flared back up over the past two days and his leg had begun swelling badly. When we dressed the leg last night we noticed more swelling and more pus around the pins. His pelvic was continuing to deteriorate and was popping and cracking anytime he tried to move around. When the vet saw him this morning her face fell. She said he was in a lot of pain now from the infection and her recommendation was to put him down. He had no appetite this morning and for the past two days has been looking weaker and weaker. That is why I had not taken any new photos. His eyes were becoming weaker and weaker. He has not missed even one dose of antibiotics but I guess the infection was just too strong. The swelling and infectio9n had begun to spread up into the shoulder. Our hearts are broken. We did everything we could. At least he knew love and caring before his life ended. Thank you to all who have prayed so hard and sent healing thoughts. May God bless you all.

Today we had a remarkable sunset. I like to think it was a gift from Soldier. I call it Soldiers' Sunset.

Hugs and prayers,

Kitten (BudBuds mom)

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