Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4-21-10 Update on Soldier

Soldier is feeling some better but is still very weak. The infection seems to be clearing up somewhat but not completely.
He is unable to stand for very long at a time. His pelvic is very weak in it's fractured condition and of course he has only one good leg on the front so it make is very difficult for him to balance.
He did have a small bowel movement today.
Our American vet says it is still not hopeful though because it takes the pelvic several weeks to heal and if it heals back wrong he can end up not having control of his bowel and bladder functions.
He is eating better but still not like we want him to.
These are photos I took today after we dressed his front leg. That bone is still not showing any signs of healing.
We are still trying to decide what is best for him.
Please keep saying prayers and sending healing thoughts.
He is the SWEETEST of the sweet.

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