Friday, August 21, 2009


Hola Y'all!!!!

Well our corn finally came in and we've all been working REALLY hard to get it picked, fixed, and put away in the freezer.

Course as usual I had to do MOST of the work.

Mom, Aunt Nell, and Aunt Jane helped out but you know how it is. Most of the really hard stuff falls on my shoulders.

It was me that had to organize the clean up crew. Me and the other perros had to stand by and clean up all the little pieces that went flying off outside the pans while they were cutting and scraping the ears of corn . Even Leona, the parrot helped!! Whew!!! What a JOB!!!!!

Anyway we got LOTS of corn in the freezer now and it sure is good!!!

My two legged brother and sister, Joray and Bud, took my ATV the other day and went to one of the old gold mines. It is just on the other hill from our house. It is shut down now but it is still real interesting to see. And Mom says there is probably still gold there!!

Mom says one day she will take me there and I can look for some gold. She tells me I could probably buy LOTS of treats with it!!!

Mom is posting the pics of the gold mine at my photo site along with some other shots of a sunset, fixin' the corn, and one of Larry, the new resident cat.

Enjoy the photos!!!

Tailwags from BudBud the gold-digging perro

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