Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catching up!!

Hola Y'all!!!

I haven't written in a while cause Mom hasn't had time to sit down and do my typing for me.

We've got new furkids here and they keep us runnin'.

We uploaded some photos to my photo site so you folks could see what we're talkin' about in this message.

Little Bingo is still with us. He just got fixed a couple of weeks ago so now he is ready for a brand new family!!! He and little Milana have been playin' like CRAZY!!!
He LOVES the great big dog beds!! The other day the lady who helps Mom clean house was here and she stacked all the beds up in a pile. Well Bingo wanted to go to bed so he just jumped up into the toy basket and zonked out there!!!

Uncle Lance is down here visiting and Mom is REAL happy about that!!!

Mom went to Panama with Uncle Lance, Joray, and Aunt Jane. They had a really good time and saw lots of neat stuff.

Mom says the neatest thing they saw was a sloth IN A STORE!!!! They were shopping for some hardware for Dad and there was this woman walking around with a sloth hanging around her neck. Mom and Joray wanted to hold it so she just handed it over and went on about her shopping!!

There is a rescue shelter in Panama for wildlife and this lady helps out the shelter.

Sloths are VERY gentle animals and not at all aggressive. They move so slow that moss grows on them out in the woods!!!! How lazy is that????

Mom says they are cute though and REAL sweet!! She says ya don't even have to hold them!! They just clamp on and hang around your neck!!! Kinda like those toy monkeys with velcro paws!!
They sure do have some LONG FINGERNAILS!!!! But this kind had only two!!!

On the way home Mom saw one trying to cross the road and was afraid he wouldn't make it so she turned around and went back to get him and move him to the other side of the road. By the time she got back a truck had stopped and they were moving him!!

They got a picture of a cemetery in Panama that is built on a hillside!! Mom says it is a beautiful place to be laid to rest.

They also saw a black squirrel!! We have them here in Costa Rica too but we haven't seen any here.

Our corn, cabbage, tomatoes, beans and stuff is growing like crazy!!! Mom got some green tomatoes off the plant the other day and fried them up with corn meal!! She REALLY loves those things!! I don't like them though.

We are getting lots of fruit off our cactus too!! It sure is strange looking!! It turns red on the cactus and when you cut into it it is REAL red and has lots of little black seeds!! Mom says it is really good. She won't let me taste it though cause she says it might not be good for perros.
The birds really go for it though!!!

Mom saw some Howler Monkeys down at the river yesterday and took some pictures. There were lots of them but Mom could only see one family. A mama, a daddy, and a baby. She got some pics of course!!

And we got a new little girl into the shelter the other day. She came complete with 4 brand new puppies!! Somebody threw her out, pregnant, on our road. The neighbors couldn't catch her at first but after she had her puppies one of Mom's animal kids caught her and brought her down. She is a cutie. Her name is Lisa. She was pretty skinny at first and she didn't have much milk for the puppies, but now she is better and the puppies are FAT!!!!!!!

Well, that's probably enough for now. Mom says I'm a chatter box and her fingers get tired trying to type everything I say.

Y'all go to to see the pics!! There's a couple of pretty sunsets on there too!!
OH!! And one pic of a couple of the rescue kittens who got adopted.


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