Friday, July 3, 2009

Hola Y'all!!!!

Finally got a few minutes to sit down with Mom and post another message!!

Me and Mom and Dad are growing our own food!!!!!!!!! Well....corn, beans, tomatoes, sweet peppers, lettuce, .....stuff like that. I didn't see 'em plantin' any cows so I guess beef isn't gonna be part of our crop.

It's growin' really fast!! Just click on the pics and they get bigger!!

Mom and Dad say we'll have enough beans for us and Aunt Nell and Aunt Jane. MAN!!!!!!!!!! That's a lot of beans!!!

And Miss Leona, the parrot from the earthquake, decided to get on the floor and take a walk through the dogs while Mom and Dad weren't home a few weeks back. We're not sure which perros were involved but Leona ended up with a naked back and butt. She is fine though and her feathers are all growing back real good!!!

Here's a pic of when they started growing back in and today. Sure looks like it would HURT!! I'm REAL glad us perros don't have feathers!!!

Mr. Bingo, the new kid, is finally out of quarantine and is "runnin' with the big dawgs!!"
He's a cutie. We're gonna find him a GREAT home!!
Here's a pic of him with us and Erika, the lady that helps Mom clean the house.

Okay!! Gotta go. Mom needs to get back to work on the computer. She's tryin' to track down some bad human who has been using my human sister's social security number.

Tailwags til next time!!!
BudBud the vegetable growin' perro

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