Saturday, June 27, 2009

Milana is SMART!!!!!!

HOLA Y'ALL!!!!!!

Me and Mom have been teaching our tiny little Milana a new command. She's learning to "leave it." She's kinda funny though. When Mom lays the treat in front of her, and tells her to leave it, she turns her head away and looks up like she's ignoring it!
Me and Mom video'd it. There's a link at the end of this post!!

We got a bunch of new beds yesterday and we all got to pick out the one we want!! Mom and Dad had them made from the leftover material from the slipcovers for the couch and loveseat.
I was just thinkin'....
(picture of me thinkin')

"HEY!!! WHERE'S MINE?!?!?! and then it dawned on me...."Oh!! I sleep with MOM!!!!"
And of course I'm MUCH too busy runnin' things to get any rest in the daytime like all these other lazy mutts.
These are in Mom's office.

Krystal and Andre wanted theirs in the bedroom.

We got a new kid in the other day. Mom named him "Bingo." He's a cutie.

Somebody just threw him away in the streets in Atenas. Sheeeeeesh!!! Humans. Ptooooey!!

We got a BUNCH of pigs ears from my Aunt in Florida!!! YUUMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! And I got a new service dog vest too!! With GREAT patches!! And Mom got a vest she can use with adoptable dogs. It has patches that say "Adopt a shelter dog" and "Don't breed."

Be sure to check out Milana's video at


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