Saturday, November 23, 2013

Joe Julio Jones Arrives!!!

Hey Everybody!!!

Well we got a brand new member added to our pack!!! He's kinda funny lookin' (not a lot of fur) and he barks funny but we love him anyway!!! 

Mom says we get to keep him!!!!!!

His name is Joe Julio Jones and he's a real cutie. We got to meet him two days after he was born. He arrived on November 15th.

Mom won't let us play with him yet though.

He's 8½ pounds, 19½ inches long, has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes!! He sleeps a LOT and Mom says he's a good baby 'cause he doesn't cry a lot. Only when he's hungry. 
He's our brand new human puppy!!! 

Our human bro Bud, and his wife, Maillyn, made him!!
We think they did a really good job!!!

Here are some pics!!! 

This is his "daddy face."

Meeting us furkids


Smiling in his sleep
Joe and his mommy

Joe and his daddy

Joe and his PawPaw

Joe and Mom (she's his granny)

Us furkids getting a good sniff!
He's a real cute little guy!! We can't wait til he's a little bigger so he can run with us and chase birds and squirrels and stuff!!!

The Lighthouse Crew!!!

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