Friday, May 24, 2013

Update on Lighthouse Happenings 5-24-13


It's been BUSY BUSY BUSY here at Lighthouse for the past few weeks so we haven' had a chance to update in a while. 

Just after you folks won the challenge for us Mom picked up a street dog that was in pretty bad shape. 

She had been starved, beaten (caved in spot on her head,) attacked by other dogs, and she was not at all trusting of humans (Who can blame her)

Mom kept a pretty detailed record of her recovery so everyone could see her blossom into a happy, healthy, much loved furkid.

Her name is Gracie. She is a hound mix of some kind. Now that her fear is gone and she is well on the road to recovery we wanted to introduce you to her!!

This video is her first and second day with us.

This video is just 18 days later!!

And just today, since Gracie is doing so well, Mom accepted a new furkid. She is in really bad shape and is at the vet hospital right now being given a series of injections to try to keep her alive.

She is a tiny little Maltese and she was abandoned near a store in Turrucares. 
People didn't offer to help her. They just stepped over or around her limp little body and actually complained to the store owner about "that dirty, sick dog" outside her store.
A kind lady found her, picked her up, and she ended up here at Lighthouse.

Could you folks please say some prayers and send healing energy for this little one? She is in really bad shape. She is like a skeleton, is horribly matted, is so sick and weak she can not stand up for more than one minute, and there is a possibility she is blind. 

Here's a few pics so you can see her condition. Please please say some prayers and send healing energy. She needs it desperately.

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