Saturday, February 20, 2010

Me and Mom Did a New Video!!

Buenos Dias Y'all!!!

We're waggin' our butts off around here at Lighthouse!! We got 6 more furbabies "fixed." yesterday!!! WHOOOO HOOOOO!!!!! That can mean THOUSANDS of unwanted puppies will not get born.
Mom says a female dog can make LOTS of babies in her lifetime...and then you have to count all the puppies her female puppies will make!! AND!!! Us boy dogs can make WAY more than that!!!! It can be in the THOUSANDS!!!
Mom says that's why there are so many street dogs. Nobody cares enough to round them up and have them "fixed."
And lots of OWNED dogs don't get spayed or neutered either!! Mom says that is where the street dogs come from. The dog gets pregnant and the owner doesn't want the responsibility of so many dogs so they dump the mama dog AND the puppies and then THEY all go make puppies!!!!!! They never even consider the fact that if they spayed the mama dog she would never make those unwanted babies.
Anyway, we're working on slowin' down the population explosion the best we can. WHEW!!!! It's a lot of work!!!

We're still needing votes in the shelter challenge. You guys have kept us in second place and that's GREAT!! There is a thousand dollar grant for 1st and 2nd place this time so even in second we'd still get a grant!!!
We're startin' to get a little worried though cause another international shelter is gaining on us!! And that mexican shelter that is in first place is WAY ahead of everybody else!! They're even in the top ten OVERALL!!!!!!!!! Man!! I wish WE could get that many votes!!! There's a chance we could win one of the TOP prizes if we could do that!!! But we'd still be thrilled to win second place in the international category!!! Mom says that would spay and neuter LOTS of dogs and cats and prevent a lot of furbabies from being homeless!!!!!

Me and Mom just put together another video!! We thought you folks might like to see it so we added it to this post!!

AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!!! Go to and click on shelter challenge. Then type in lighthouse. Click on Costa Rica for country. "Search" for our name and then click VOTE then wait for the vote confirmation thing to come up so your vote will count!!

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