Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hola Y'all!!!!

That's our Milana in the photo. Cute ain't she?

Things are pretty calm here now but the last couple of days were pretty crazy!!

Aunt Jane came up the Friday and we all got baths!!! And yesterday a young girl, who comes up now and then to volunteer, called and wanted to come up. She and Mom brushed us, cleaned all our teeth, cut our nails and trimmed our furry feet. And we introduced Cookie and Candy to the rest of the Lighthouse Crew!!
Now we all have lovely soft fur, we smell good, have minty fresh breath, and neat feets!!!

Then last night some lady called and said her dog had chewed it's spay incision open and she could not find a vet. She had used a new vet in town and she said when they spayed her they couldn't find her uterus or ovaries!! Now her belly was open and no vets were available!!
She brought the little terrier dog up to Mom. Mom looked at it and it was COMPLETELY open!! The incision was too low on the belly so Mom thinks maybe the new "vet" just is maybe a little TOO new!!
Mom called our vet, Dr. Carvejal, and asked if he would stitch it up.

He told Mom he didn't have any of his stuff at his house so Mom said she'd bring everything he needed.

Mom gathered up suture kits, instruments, antibiotics, anesthesia, gauze pads, and all the other stuff he needed and everybody, including Dad, went to Docs' house.

The lady told Mom that the little dog goes CRAZY even when she gets a vaccination so Mom was holding her pretty securely when Doc gave her the "go to sleep" shot.

That little dog went NUTSO KOOKOO!!!!!! It bit Mom in four places before the shot was done and she could let the dog go!!!!!!!!!

While the owner was wiping blood off Mom Mom explained to her that the dog has very tough skin and that is why shots hurt her so bad.

Anyway, Doc got her (the dog) all sewed up and everybody went back home.

Mom called the lady this morning and she says the little dog is ok. OH!! And Mom's ok too. She says she has been bit a LOT worse.

Anyway, that is what's been happening here.

Well, I gotta make my rounds and see if everybody is behavin'. I'll write again when me and Mom get a chance.

From BudBud the overworked Perro Primero


Kodak the Eskie said...

Wow, all in a day's work. Glad you were able to help that poor little baby out,Kitten.

Gerri said...

Good grief, that new vet doesn't sound very promising.
Hope you feel better, Kitten. You really are a good person.