Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's New At Lighthouse

Hola Y'all!!!

There's been lot's of stuff happening here at Lighthouse so me n' Mom thought we'd sit down and catch everybody up.

First things first. We need prayers and healing thoughts for Dad. He's not been feelin' real good. And Juliette is not feelin' good either so she needs 'em too!!

I think maybe I already told y’all about the little Mama dog somebody dumped out on the road right before she had her puppies. She was pretty skinny and didn’t have any milk for her 1 day old puppies so Mom started makin’ her better and now she is REAL healthy and her puppies are all fat and sassy!!

They will all be ready to go to new homes in about a week!!! And Bingo is still here so we have six furbabies who need homes!!

OH!!! Wait’ll I tell you what Mom and Dad and our vet did to us the other night!!

Dr. Solano works in his office until 8:00 at night. So after he closed up shop he came up here to our house about 9:00.

Doc and Mom went in the clinic room and started movin’ stuff around. When they got ready Dad took each one of us perros into the clinic room and Mom and Doc stuck needles in us and sucked out our BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then they would drip the blood into these little plastic thingys and add a few drops of some blue stuff!!! Mom would take the blood mix and pour it into these white plastic things. She would watch it for a minute and then put her thumb on one end and make it go SNAP!!!!!

She and doc kept watchin’ the white plastic things real close and then they’d grin and look real happy!! I thought maybe they were turnin’ into vampires or mad scientists or somethin’.

Mom held me up and let me look at the white thing MY blood was in and said, “Look BudBud!! Negative!!” I dunno WHAT she was talkin’ about!!!!

She said somethin’ about “tests” and heart worms, and ehrlichia and lyme disease and nasty stuff like that. Then she said we “passed with flyin’ colors” but I still don’t know what it was all about. All I know is they stuck us with needles.

Anyway, they did that to 16 of us but they didn’t do it to the puppies. I guess it is an “adults only” kind of thing!!

Mom got a pretty good photo of a wild Amazon parrot that landed in our tree the other day. He just sat there for a long time. Mom went down to the tree and tried to talk to him but he just ignored her.

It’s rainy season here so we are getting’ lots of rain and thunder storms. We can see ‘em comin’ across the valley!! Us perros HATE thunder y’know. It’s scary!!! So Mom just sings to us and makes us feel better while the storm is goin’ on.
Laika hides in the pantry when a storm happens. She’s pretty big but she manages to get in there!!

WMFWB!!!!!!! Mom had a bottle of salsa that had a little Panama hat on the lid. When she finished the bottle she took the hat off of it and put it on Milana and Andre and took pictures. They weren’t very happy about it. They thought it made ‘em look goofy…but you know Mom. She does some goofy stuff anyway.

Me and Mom posted some of the pictures at my photo site.

The album name is “What’s New At Lighthouse”
Y’all go check it out and let me know what you think..ok? I’m not getting’ NEARLY enough emails!!

Anyway…..tailwags and snuggles til next time!!!
BudBud the test passer

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