Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aunt Pat and Aunt Jane!!!

Hola Y'all!!!

GUESS WHAT!!!! Aunt Pat came to visit me all the way from Savannah Georgia and she brought Miss Tica Alisha with her!!

My Tica Alisha is nothing less than GORGEOUS!!!
We sure were glad to see them!! I just wish my girlfriend, Kit, could've come too!!!

We took some family portraits while Tica Alisha was here.

That's me in front and Tica Alisha behind me. Delilah is the big red one and Milana is the tiny red one!! Are we a handsome family or WHAT?????

Mom and Aunt Pat had a really good visit. Mom misses her like crazy. They're pretty good friends y'know.

Our Aunt Jane is coming to Costa Rica to LIVE!!!!!!!!!!
We already got her an apartment and she will be arriving on the 4th of June!!!
Tommy is going to live with her!! She adopted him when she was here before and he's REAL anxious to see her again.

He sure is a moody guy. If he gets mad about something he pouts and won't eat. Mom has to pay him lot's of extra attention to get him back in a better mood!!

Sad news too.....Uncle Mike and Aunt Sharyn moved away. They moved to some other country. They just left today and are still in route. Mom just got a message from them saying all is going well. Flaca went with them of course.

We've had some new rescue kids come and go in the past few weeks. One was a little dog somebody dumped in front of our house. Dad named him "Jaws."

He's a happy little guy but he was pretty skinny. Mom cleaned him up, de-flead him, and de-wormed him. Now one of my doctors has him and is going to neuter him and find a home for him.

The kitten that came in the same day as Jaws is with the vet too!! Mom didn't get a photo of her but she was a real sweetie. Mom named her Pat.

OH!!! And the other kitten that was here got adopted and a few days later her brother got brought here too. So the same guy adopted him!!! Ain't it great when they can be together like that?

We finally got a new lady to help Mom keep the house clean. She comes two times a week and she LOVES dogs!!! Her name is Rosario. We haven't had anyone to help clean in months!

Mom always just cleaned the house herself but she says she is getting too old to climb under things to drag out tons of dog hair so she needs help.
Us perros try to hold onto our hair but somehow it just slips off. Mom threatens to shave us all every now and then!!
Can you just picture all of us long haired dogs BALD!!!!!!!!! WMFWB!!!!!!!!!!!

The rainy season has started so we get to play in the mud a lot. It's REAL fun where Dad planted flowers!! The dirt is all loose and it makes GREAT mud to dig in!!! Dad yells at us about digging up his flowers but Mom just tells him to plant the silly things in the FRONT yard!!

The perros and Leona had some problems three nights ago.
Leona is the Amazon Parrot Mom saved from the earthquake. Nobody ever claimed her so she lives here now. Three nights ago she jumped down off her cage while Mom and Dad weren't here and some of the perros started picking on her. They pulled a lot of the feathers out of her back. Her back and butt are NAKED now!!!

When Mom and Dad came home the living room was covered with feathers and they went screaming through the house looking for Leona. Mom found her on the glassed in porch and rushed her to the vet.
Dr. Solano did a lot of work with the parrots at the zoo so he knows birds pretty good. He told Mom that he thinks Leona will be fine. He gave her two shots and put some cream on her raw back and butt. Her wings are not broken and no bones in her body were broken. Mom says if we had been meaning to hurt her she would have been dead.

Mom says Leona is one tough ol' bird. Surviving an earthquake and now this.
Mom was pretty mad at the perros that night. She fussed at all of us LOUD!..and told us if it ever happened again she was going to pull all THEIR feathers out!!!!
I don't think we HAVE feathers but I'll betcha Mom can find something to pull out that hurts just as bad!!!
Mom knows I wasn't involved. I don't EVER bother new kids. Mom thinks it might have been Lluvia and Tommy. They're the most likely suspects.

Leona acts like nothing ever happened. When Mom got to her that night she just stepped up on Mom's hand like always and she is eating good and everything!! Mom and Dad have to put medicine on her back and butt once a day and she is getting antibiotics in her drinking water.

Y'all say a prayer for her ok?

Well...gotta go. Mom is getting ready to go out to eat to eat with Aunt Nell. Dad is getting his massage therapy tonight.

Tailwags til next time!!
BudBud who did NOT mess with Leona

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Kodak the Eskie said...

Wow, it looks like you had a great visit with the Aunties! Jaws sure is a cutie. Hope he finds a good home!

Hugs, Kodak