Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bein' Mom's Reminder

Hola Y'all!!!

Things have pretty much settled down now.
Bro seems to be doin' ok except he is still sore from the wreck.

Sis is still doin' her artwork and is turnin' out some really neat pictures.

Dad is looking into going into an internet business maybe.

Mom is concentrating on uploading photos to a stock photo sales site. She figures maybe she can sell some to help support us perros.

And of course my duties as Perro Primero have doubled. I'm tellin' ya I work harder than anyone in this house!!!

When Mom is workin' at the computer, or cleanin' house, or playin' with us perros, or whatever, the laundry buzzer growls and she just IGNORES it!!!

We all know that humans change their skins at least once a day and then they have to wash them.
Now anyone with a brain knows that you're supposed to RUN when the buzzer growls, take the skins out of that white metal box, and hang them on the line.

So as soon as the buzzer growls I run to Mom and tell her, "HEY MOM!!! The white box growled!!" Then I lead her out to the garage and supervise while she hangs the skins out.

If she ignores me I keep telling her til she finally gets the message and follows me out to the garage.

MAN!!! Humans sure can be dense sometimes y'know?
Sometimes I have to "whine" to get her to pay attention. Then I run toward the garage to show her what needs to be done.
My work is never done. sigh.................
She even video'd it so y'all could see me in action. You can see the video at

I truly am the hardest working being in this house don'tcha think?

She uploaded some more photos to Bigstock today too. They sell stock photos to companies for advertising, greeting cards, and other stuff. Mom got a really good shot of Tommy doin' his yoga thing and she played around with it and made some cute stuff. She also uploaded some photos she took of the puppies a couple years ago.
So far she has uploaded 27 pictures and only 7 of them have been rejected!! That's a pretty good average I think!!

If ya wanna see 'em you can go to and click on "Search Images".
Then click on "Show Advanced Options & Categories" (It's above the search box)and then type in BudBud in the photographer box and click "search." That should bring up Mom's photos.

Gotta go....I think I heard the white box growl.

Check out the video!!

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